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Adventures In Northern Michigan Real Estate! – New Series From Realtor Bob Lovik

I recently walked into Blaine’s Farm & Fleet, ready to make a purchase that would be crucial to any success I would have this Spring navigating the unprecedented Northern Michigan real estate market. After a quick search, I located what I needed and soon was walking out the door to my mud-splattered car with a brand-new pair of calf-high Muck Boots.

Realtors in Northern Michigan have to deal with terrain that their urban counterparts don’t even have to think about. We often find ourselves driving down endless dirt roads, at times lessening to the dreaded “two-track”, through pristine forest before coming upon our once-in-a-lifetime property tucked away in a breathtaking meadow.

The Spring thaw can turn these roads and properties into muck (which requires the previously mentioned and aptly named boot), causing realtors to wade through swaths of shoe-stealing earth while searching for well heads, outbuildings, property lines and other items mentioned in the listings so we can point them out to our clients through the safety of kitchen and living room windows.

The question of what to wear to a showing isn’t always determined by weather, although in Michigan, sometimes climate trumps formality. A heavy down jacket with a sweater underneath that would make Hemingway proud will often have to make do during a cold, snowy winter. Flip flops and board shorts may be appropriate in the summer when the region gets its beach bum persona going. Not only do realtors Up North wear many different hats when it comes to taking care of our clients, we wear many different…well…everything.

And it is these idiosyncrasies that has led me to launch a new web series coming to your computer and phone screens soon….Adventures In Northern Michigan Real Estate. Follow along as I bring you with to some of my favorite places in the Grand Traverse Region to talk about real estate, whether that is kayaking a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream, hitting the links in a golf community or exploring the streets of a cozy, lakeside village. We will talk real estate and what makes this beautiful part of the country so remarkable!

Adventures in Northern Michigan Real Estate

Bob Lovik

Northern Den Realty

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