Brenna Russell - Licensed Service Agent


Brenna Russell has consistently received high reviews from her coworkers and customers for her customer service. This comes as no surprise when you realize she has 26 years of experience in customer service.

Brenna has a special ability to look into any situation and verify the concerns of the client. In these sometimes-emotional moments, Brenna always goes above and beyond when trying to solve issues in a timely manner.

#howcanihelp is not just what Brenna says.  It’s what she lives! Brenna is a gifted communicator that has been complimented on her service by many industry professionals that are not associated with Northern Den Realty as well.

Brenna is the backbone of our customer service here at Northern Den Realty. She is licensed as a Realtor and has real world experience in the business that she is able to draw from when helping clients.

The Story of Brenna's Professional History

Brenna has been focusing on customer service for the vast majority of her professional career. She always brings a helpful attitude to any situation.
Before she came to Northern Den Realty, Brenna was the service writer for a local mechanic shop, and before that she was in retail for a number of years. Brenna takes a lot of pride in her work and is constantly looking for ways to add value to her customer’s experience.
“What I love most about my job is that I help people make their dreams come true. Whether that is helping a client that is looking to buy or sell a home or the Realtors that we work with. Everyone has a dream of what they want for their future and their personal business. I am excited to be able to facilitate that dream!” – Brenna Russell, Licensed Service Agent

The MOST Wonderful Time of the Year!

In this video, Brenna talks about what it was like for her growing up in a home that was full of the Christmas Spirit.
Each year she goes all out with her decorations and Christmas attire. She spreads the joy to everyone she meets and always has something nice to say.
“When I was younger my Mom and I lived with my Grandmother because of necessity and it was a great magical time for me to have both my Mom and my Grandmother who were both so in love with the Christmas season and full of Christmas Spirit.” – Brenna Russell

Family & Favorite Hobbies

Born and raised in Traverse City, Brenna Russell has a passion for our area. She enjoys frequenting downtown events and watching local soccer games from her home. Brenna lives with her Husband of 15 years Bryon and her Mother Cindi in their home on Keystone Rd.

Brenna enjoys gardening, crafting with her Mother, and New England Patriots Football! Brenna has two little pups named Ody & Wynston that love getting into adventures just as much as she does! 

What Past Client's Have Said About Brenna:

“Brenna was absolutely fantastic in guiding me through the path of finding the best place for my first home. I never felt pressured, and any advice they offered was great. Every question was answered, any detail they didn't know right off the bat she got to me quickly. I wouldn't go through anyone else in the future. Fantastic job. I look forward to next time knowing this type of service is here.” - Bill W.

- Bill W.

Brenna is top notch. Very professional and responsive. She made the daunting task of buying a house seem simple. Thank you Northern Den Realty for everything you did. You are an AMAZING team!

- RJ H.