NDR's Top Local Organizations

(In Alphabetical Order)

123 Speakeasy of Traverse City

The 123 Speakeasy of Traverse City provides an immersive atmosphere and a unique experience. When you go to this lounge / restaurant  you will enjoy beautifully crafted cocktails and a full menu of delicious offerings.

20 Fathoms of Northern Michigan

20 Fathoms is classified as a Tech Hub and Startup Incubator in the Traverse City region. The primary objective of this great local organization is to promote a vibrant and healthy startup ecosystem in the Northern Michigan area. This company holds a great deal of “free to the public” educational events that help entrepreneurs grow and learn.

Ballet Etc. Of Traverse City

Ballet Etc. is a local dance studio that holds classes for 3-year-old dancers through adult. This school is different from their competition because they specialize in a smaller class sizes and really focus on the development of each individual dancer.

Benzie Public Library

Benzonia Public Library is the library that serves the Benzie County area. This is such a great local organization for all of the family oriented and children focused events based around learning and reading!

Bubbie's Bagels of Traverse City

Bubbie’s Bagels is a local bagel shop in traverse city that offers artisan bagels and an assortment of spreads and cream cheeses. They also offer a handful of deli style salads like tuna and egg salads. Bubbie’s makes an effort to support local farmers when sourcing the ingredients for their products and actually uses a local coffee roaster for their coffee!

Burritt's Fresh Markets of Traverse City

Burritt’s Fresh Markets is a local market that specializes in a number of gourmet and organic grocery products. They have a wide selection of wine, fresh fish, and a deli case! One of the best parts about this great local business is that they have, in addition to their great products, a long list of classes through out the year about various topics like wine, food, and cooking.  

Cherryland Humane Society

The Cherryland Humane Society is a non-profit organization that runs solely on donations from the public. This giving organization helps to rescue, care for, and heal animals that have been neglected or abused. This organization is so important to our community!

FLOW (For Love Of Water)

FLOW (For Love Of Water) is a non-profit organization that is based in our area that is tasked with protecting the great lakes fresh water. This organization has taken on many threats to the great lakes and has a goal to protect the water from harm so that future generations can still enjoy our beautiful great lakes.

Fustini's Traverse City

Fustini’s of Traverse City is a great local business that specializes in fine vinegars and oils. They offer very highly recommended cooking classes and have prepared food ready in a to-go case for customers looking for a quick lunch. The staff is always willing to help and Fustini’s is very active with the Food Rescue non-profit organizations.

Grocer's Daughter Chocolate

Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate is a local specialty business that creates amazing confectionary chocolate products. One of the best parts of Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate is how many other local businesses they use in their products. GDC also makes a trip each year to South America to source their own cocoa from a quality and reputable source.  

Grand Traverse Distillery

Grand Traverse Distillery has a world-renowned product… we will start with that. Their Ole’ George Whiskey is a crowd pleaser and their True North Vodka brought the best in the world title home to Traverse City. This company prides themselves on supporting other local business. They buy from local farmers for their grain needs and create an awesome product!

Grand Traverse Pie Company of Traverse City

Grand Traverse Pie Company is a well-known local business in our area that is making positive change with pie. The two locations that are in Traverse City are always warm and welcoming. The food is amazing and very hearty. This is comfort food at it’s best!

ReStore Grand Traverse Region

The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is a Christian based organization that has a mission to provide affordable housing to the communities they serve. The Habitat ReStore is a thrift shop style second hand store that is known for hot deals on quality used goods. They have great deals and offer delivery on furniture!

Horizon Books of Traverse City

Horizon Books in Traverse City has always been a place for community. They are a book store that has meeting space for local clubs, a café, author signings, and children’s programs. They have very flexible hours and are open most days out of the year. They have been known as the “third place” to many in this community for years.

Jacob's Farm

Jacob’s Corn Maze is a u-pick orchard during the harvest season as well as a 10-acre Corn Maze from September to November. This is an all family owned business that has been a exciting activity for families for over 10 years. While open, you can expect to have freshly made pumpkin donuts, apple cider, wagon rides and corn maze fun.

Lake Ann Brewing Company

Lake Ann Brewery is a staple local business in Lake Ann Michigan. Known for their great selection beer and consistently having local musical acts during the summer (and winter), this is the local’s place to hang out! When you are at the pub everyone is a local. Enjoy the beer and the atmosphere.

Lake Ann Grocery of Lake Ann

20 Fathoms is classified as a Tech Hub and Startup Incubator in the Traverse City region. The primary objective of this great local organization is to promote a vibrant and healthy startup ecosystem in the Northern Michigan area. This company holds a great deal of “free to the public” educational events that help entrepreneurs grow and learn.

Morsels Espresso + Eatables

Morsels is a locally owned bakery / café that has breakfast and lunch options. Their signature product are little one-bit cake bites called Morsels. When you enter into the store you will see the case of morsels next to the register! Make sure you have enough time to look at all the creative names of the morsels. You can feel free to ask questions as the staff is always very helpful. This is a unique local business that has been in our community for over 10 years.

Norte (Youth Cycling Program)

Norte Youth Cycling Program is a local non-profit organization that acts as an advocate for communities and business to help build stronger more connect walk and bike friendly communities by empowering the young and young at heart. The members of this organization are very passionate about their goals and they have enacted great change in our area around health and being healthy.

20 Fathoms of Northern Michigan

20 Fathoms is classified as a Tech Hub and Startup Incubator in the Traverse City region. The primary objective of this great local organization is to promote a vibrant and healthy startup ecosystem in the Northern Michigan area. This company holds a great deal of “free to the public” educational events that help entrepreneurs grow and learn.

Oleson's Farm Fresh Markets

Oleson’s Farm Fresh Markets have been in our community for close to 100 years. This local grocery chain has done so much for our community through charity and giving back. They are a fair employer and donate to the NMC BBQ each year. They continue to be a leader in our community and have a wide range of products in their two locations in our area.

Oryana Community COOP

Oryana Community COOP is a member-based cooperative that provides our community with a great amount of local and organic products. Although they are a membership-based COOP you do not have to be a member to shop there. They have a delicious café area with quality wraps, salads, smoothies, and much more! If you are looking for a healthy lunch or a place with a wide range of organic products give Oryana a try.

Pangea's Pizza

Pangea’s pizza is a local business that specializes in delicious artisan pizzas. Pangea’s sources many of their ingredients from other local businesses. Since their opening in 2006, Pangea’s has fully remodeled their entire building adding a rooftop bar, full-service bar on the mail level and much more seating. The food and the service are both very high quality!

Raduno Deli & Cafe

Raduno Deli and Café is one of our favorite places! The food is really well made and atmosphere is amazing. Very inviting, as you walk in you will be welcomed by a full deli case with fresh pastas and salads. On the menu you will find fresh sandwiches and pastas that were made from scratch. The staff is always a pleasure to talk with as well. A recommendation would be to try whatever is in the sweets case next to the register!  

Rose & Fern Cafe

Rose and Fern Cafe is a relatively new venture that has quickly became a community café. They fight for the community they serve by providing great service and discounts for people going through tough times. The food is very delicious and very local. The coffee is top notch. And the staff is always very welcoming. This café strives to show people that quality locally sourced food doesn’t have to be super expensive.

The State Theatre of Traverse City

The State Theatre is a local staple in the Traverse City Community. This organization has brought so much joy and community to our area. They engage hundreds of volunteers each year and have countless parties and discounted rates for the community. They are really creative with their special movie viewings where that have special offerings or team up with another local business. This is one of the places where community happens in Traverse City.

Stockist Coffee Company

Stockist Coffee Company is a local wholesale coffee roaster that operates in downtown Traverse City. This great local business has a strong relationship with Rose and Fern Café as they share some space and products. Stockist provides the coffee for two of our top pics. Bubbie’s Bagels and Rose and Fern Café both use Stockist Coffee exclusively.

The Stone Oven of Lake Ann

The Stone Oven is located in Lake Ann Michigan and is known for mouth watering pizza, burgers, and an assortment of other items. This quaint local business uses quality ingredients and has a solid working relationship with Lake Ann Brewery (right next door). These two businesses combined have truly created an atmosphere in the downtown Lake Ann community that is fun and inviting for anyone.

The Little Fleet of Traverse City

The Little Fleet is a trend setter in their own right. The first business to really bring the food truck scene to Traverse City, this is a full-service bar that is open year-round. From late April through October, The Little Fleet has anywhere between 6-8 food trucks that park in front of the bar. At this establishment you will find an easygoing atmosphere and quality food and drink. The staff is always very friendly and this is the perfect place to stop if you are in the mood for some amazing street food.

The Workshop Brewing Company

The Workshop Brewing Company is one of the businesses (like many on this list) that bring our community together. And it is their mindset that makes that so. The Workshop works off a basic operating procedure where they navigate business decision with three things in mind. Nature, Community, and Craft. You can see Nature, Community, and Craft in everything that they do. They have amazing beer and equally as good food! We suggest anyone that likes Nachos, spent grain pretzels, pizza, and great beer, to go here!

Traverse City Web Design

This locally based web design company offers amazing service for businesses of all sizes. Owner Ray and his team have been very helpful with the development of our website as our company has grown over the years. Traverse City Web Design is innovative in their approach to helping businesses build websites that meet their needs. If you are in need of web development or web management services, give Traverse City Web Design a call! They are a local company and they deeply care about the quality of the final product. 

Benzie, Crystal & Interlochen Pumping Service

This local business has been family owner for over 40 years. This septic cleaning service has done an amazing job for Northern Den Realty’s clients for year. They are experts at their profession and they are fair business owners. The process to schedule an appointment is easy, and the service is timely. If you are looking to get maintenance done on your septic system, we would highly recommend BCI Pumping Service.

Right Brain Brewery

When it comes to unique and memorable craft breweries, this is one of the best! Right Brain Brewery has offered its customers an amazing beer experience as well as an eclectic fun environment. With a motto to “Keep Beer Curious”, you are sure to find a quirky great tasting brew that rocks your taste buds. You will also find local music, art shows and events frequently at this large venue.

The Red Door Coffee House

The Red Door is a locally owned and well-respected Lake Ann staple business! They have a high-quality product of baked goods, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and premium blend coffee. The Red Door Coffee House also has a small retail section in their entrance area where they showcase local artists and products from the Lake Ann community. If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere with a friendly staff, this is the place for you.