Michelle Richmond - Licensed Realtor


Born in Frankfort Michigan to a family in the Air Force, Michelle has lived all over the world. No matter where she went, she always considered Frankfort to be her “home base”.

At 17, Michelle left home to join the Army where she started her service career as an interpreter / interrogator. She speaks Spanish fluently and has a number of other languages that she can understand and interact in.

People that know Michelle would say she is kind, thoughtful, and helpful. Michelle is serious about the pride that she takes in her work and strives to provide the highest quality customer experience to her clients!

This is why Michelle is PROUD TO SERVE!

The Story of Michelle's Professional Journey

We mentioned that Michelle enlisted into the Army at the age of 17. and traveled the world as an interrogator and Interpreter where she learned a lot about other cultures and built her skill set of being able to read people. She has a degree in English and fluently speaks Spanish.
In addition to all this experience, Michelle also spent 8 years in Texas as a business owner selling imported pottery from Mexico. That experience will undoubtably shape the service and care that her clients in the real estate business will experience.
She speaks multiple languages, has had a career in the Army and has traveled the world. She has 8 years of experience in international business and knows how to interrogate people… This is the person you want on your side to negotiate a real estate transaction!

In The Service of the United States

The military taught me how to be reliable, to be honest, be helpful, and to be proud of everything that I do.

- Michelle Richmond, Licensed Realtor

Family & Favorite Pastimes

In this video, Benzie County native Michelle Richmond talks about why after living all over the world, she decided to come back to her home town of Frankfort Michigan!
“When I was younger, I lived in Australia for 3 years with my family and I loved it. It was always a very fun memory for me, but Frankfort and Benzie County was always my home.” – Michelle Richmond

What Colleagues Have Said About Michelle:

Michelle handles every person she helps with a pride in her service. She is very willing to help in team situations and loves serving others. Michelle’s background gives her a wide range of skillsets that contribute to her career as a Realtor. She is meticulous with managing the details for her clients and always tries to do whatever she can to problem solve and add value.

-Josh Haselton, Principal Broker

Michelle is thoughtful and polite. She is an “out of the box” thinker and is really good at listening before she speaks.

-Brenna Russell, Licensed Service Agent