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Personal Branding For Realtors

What is a “Personal Brand”?

Over the last two decades the internet has been changing the world in many ways. I have talked about how this new distribution (of access and information) has changed our lives in past blogs and videos and with this monthly blog I wanted to take it one step further.

I will do this by explaining my thoughts on what a personal brand is and why it is important for the modern entrepreneur / Realtor. More importantly I’ll be discussing why a personal brand is actually not a new thing.

Back in “the day’ before the internet connected billions of people globally, not many people were talking about a personal brand. Concepts around brand and branding existed, but were usually reserved for huge national and global companies that have millions or even billions of dollars in marketing budgets.

With these marketing budgets, companies would pay production companies to produce the marketing materials and in most cases, sell the ad space for their desired messaging. With enough money you could reach millions of people and if you were creative enough, they just might remember you.

This type of service from media and production companies still exists, however, what is changing is the ability of an individual person to create and reach people with little to no cost of entry. This is why I believe the term “personal brand” has really taken off.

So what is a personal brand? Our definition of it is a set of beliefs, experiences, and preferences that are consistently communicated to a group of people. Simply put, a personal brand is your reputation amongst your peers. And in this day and age all you need is a cell phone and the internet to start talking to the world.

From a technological perspective we have reached an almost “science fiction level” power of communication for the individual person. Why is a personal brand important for someone that wants to grow a business? The answer is really quite easy. The more someone knows about you, coupled with experiences and interactions with you over time, the more rapport they are able to build with you.

So, when thinking about creating a “personal brand” try and forget about the term itself and just think of it as your reputation. When people use the word “Create” to explain the development of a personal brand it makes it sound fake or manipulated. Authenticity is key here and all you need to do is think about what you believe in, what you want to communicate, and what you want to accomplish.

Bring people into areas of your life in a meaningful way and I think you’ll find some of them will actually stay.

Everyone has the power to communicate now. Stay authentic. Stay consistent and do good.

Josh Haselton, Principal Broker

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