Reena Dabeesing - Licensed Realtor


Reena moved to Traverse City from New Mexico in 2006 with her husband. They now have a 5-year-old son and absolutely love the life they have built over the last 14 years. Reena also speaks multiple languages and has more than 15 yrs. experience in customers service.

Reena uses her past experience and love for the area to serve her clients with a passion for helping. Being a home owner herself, Reena looks forward to helping clients realize the joy of owning their own home.

The Story of Reena's Professional Experience

Reena has a strong history in customer service. Her past professional experience in the hospitality, travel and tourism, and banking industries have shaped the special service she offers to her clients. 

“I feel like my past experience in hospitality, banking, and travel and tourism help me to provide a unique service and perspective to my clients.”

– Reena Dabeesing, Licensed Realtor

Reena's Journey to Northern Michigan

Reena is originally from a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean named Mauritius (ma-rish-es). This is a beautiful island that is highly traveled destination in this part of the world.

Reena was born and grew up on this island before she left for college. She has lived in UK and traveled all over Europe. She has also lived in New Mexico with her husband, before she moved to the Traverse City area 14 years ago.

Family & Favorite Pastimes

Painting , Beach Life & Exercise

Reena has many favorite pastimes like painting, exercise, and going to the beach with her family.

Reena also enjoys to belly dance and has actually taught classes in the past. Reena absolutely loves the life and the friends she has made in our region over the last decade in a half!

What Colleagues Have Said About Reena:

Reena is very hard working and will go extra lengths to find the answer to any question. She takes pride in making sure the details are taken care of and she really listens to her clients.

- Brenna Russell, Licensed Service Agent

Reena has an unrelenting desire to learn. She brings a number of different unique skills to her service. For example, she speaks 3 languages. She has travelled all over the world. She has the background and experiences to serve many different clients.

- Josh Haselton, Principal Broker